Saturday, 22 May 2010

Business Cards...

I found a company online that had a good deal for printing business cards that are just one colour. I also chose this company because there was an option for having the cards cut down at no extra cost, which is exactly what I needed because my cards are small and slim.
I received my finished cards and was rather disappointed with them. They have clearly been printed badly and therefore don't line up exactly on the back. They have then been cut badly so that in some cases the front looks ok, but some of the information on the back has been cut off, so much so that the information from the next card along is appearing on the opposite side!
I contacted the company and requested a reprint for no extra charge. They are doing this for me and I will hopefully receive the new batch soon.

This is what the cards I received looked like; (they're not green, but the right blue colour I have chosen for my branding)

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