Sunday, 23 May 2010

New Direct Mail...

I have edited the mail out a little. This one is A4 format and I have changed the content a little. I chose a heavy newsprint for the stock. It felt more interesting than plain paper but it isn't too thick or heavy, so it folds easily and will be suitable for saddle stitching. I have published it on Issuu so that I can send it via email to prospective employers.

Saturday, 22 May 2010

Business Cards...

I found a company online that had a good deal for printing business cards that are just one colour. I also chose this company because there was an option for having the cards cut down at no extra cost, which is exactly what I needed because my cards are small and slim.
I received my finished cards and was rather disappointed with them. They have clearly been printed badly and therefore don't line up exactly on the back. They have then been cut badly so that in some cases the front looks ok, but some of the information on the back has been cut off, so much so that the information from the next card along is appearing on the opposite side!
I contacted the company and requested a reprint for no extra charge. They are doing this for me and I will hopefully receive the new batch soon.

This is what the cards I received looked like; (they're not green, but the right blue colour I have chosen for my branding)

Friday, 21 May 2010

End of Year Show Display Submission...

I have submitted these ideas as the options for my end of year show display. The quote poster idea was chosen at my tutorial, because it would be strong and stand out well. I have given options of producing three or more posters. The tutors will chose the one they prefer and I will produce the work particularly for the show. I have also illustrated the idea for a small 'take away' item for the preview and private view nights.

Thursday, 20 May 2010

Printer Visit...

Myself and two course mates have been down to a printers to talk about a job that we are having printed. We talked to the printer and mac art-worker, and they talked us through how we were able to submit the finished work and went through what they would do with once they had it all. We were told that a dummy copy would be printed digitally and the full run of 800 would be printed using lithography.

We were also given a tour around the print workshops, and were able to see how the printers and folding machines work. It was really interesting and it helps you to think about the final outcome of a job when working on the initial design aspects. The size of some of the machines is quite scary, they're really huge and the prints that come out of them are massive. It is quite unexpected to see some of the processes on such a scale, especially a guillotine that could easily cut off your arm. That being said, I really enjoyed being able to see how things work, and to learn that not all the processes for one job are carried out at one printers. Our job was being printed here and then sent off to be bound and finished at a third company. I now understand the processes that need to be involved in a job to make sure that it runs much more smoothly and so that it can be completed efficiently. I am sure that this knowledge will benefit me in the future when I am given the responsibility of managing a print job and making sure that its properly organised and submitted in the correct format.

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

End of Year Show Display...

I have put together some ideas for my end of year show exhibition. I want to present something interesting and bold that will lead people to look at my portfolio, which will be more comprehensive. I put together ideas for presenting work is several ways and the option of using several different ranges of work.

The variations here show the option of creating three posters or presenting 3D work, with either a portfolio or mac screen. I am not sure what my preference is, but I am hopeful that the tutors will pick something at my tutorial that I can pursue.

Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Mail Shot 2...

I have developed my mail shot design further, which I think is now a much stronger design. I have changed the images from full bleed to using a wide margin, which makes the images feel a little more comfortable within the page. I have also changed the type from being italic to regular with italic headings. I have played with the format a little, different ideas shown below, and decided on A5 or A4 rather than the long format. I am going to put together a CV and covering letter to send out in the pack.

A5 (black and white mock-up)

Long Format (black and white mock-up)

A4 (colour)

Sunday, 9 May 2010

Direct Mail...

I have put together a small portfolio that I am going to send out to prospective employers. I wanted something that would be relatively cheap to produce and post. So, I have settled in this A5 booklet, which showcases 6 pieces of my work and has a small explanation of each. I have also put together a digital version of the document...

Saturday, 8 May 2010

Mail Shot 1...

I have designed this A5 mail shot to send out to prospective clients. I want the booklet to present me in a strong and confident manner and show my work to its best. The booklet contains six pieces of my work along with a short intro paragraph and some information about qualifications and references.

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Who I want to work for...

I have been thinking about the kind of work I want to do and where I need to consider applying to. I have put together a list of companies that do the kind of work I admire and want to produce myself. Obviously some of these companies are 'out of my league' but I've looked at them anyway because it can only improve my own aspirations. All of the companies I have looked at are studio based and established in a sense that they produce work for a range of clients - high profile and lower profile. They all produce print based work (some also produce digital work) and work in a range of disciplines.