Tuesday, 19 January 2010

My Design Practice

We were asked to create a statement that describes our design practice and what exactly we are 'about'. Considering all the areas I am interested in, I have tried to find a term that describes all of them. The areas I have identified are:
Book Design
Paper Product

Obviously these are all quite different areas of design, but I have considered each and think that the all fit under the umbrella of Layout and Identity. I think that these areas cover everything I am interested in but don't pin me down to one area or style of design.

Friday, 15 January 2010

Making my mind up...

I realise that it was only 4 days ago that I said that I was happy with the branding I designed for myself over the christmas break. But.....I've sort of changed my mind; I do like the design I settled on, but I sort of felt that there was something missing. I have gone back to looking at the logo for myself, and tried to find something I am a little happier with.

My favourite from these is the circle with the small grey shadow and the speech bubble. I think that these could be quite versatile because they don't need to contain my name or initials every time, but different words or icons. The aqua colour is still there, it is my favourite colour and I think that it suits me and the branding very well.

Monday, 11 January 2010

Folding mock up...

This is a black and white mock-up of the folding mini portfolio. I am quite pleased with the format and the overall size. The back to back printing will sadly be a little tricky, and I do need to find a suitable stock for it. I do not want to use card as I think it'll be too thick, and won't be suitable for posting as standard letter. I think either something slightly glossy/satin or a matt/flecked paper would probably work best.

Pro-mo rethink...

I have looked at the personal pro-mo stuff I did at the beginning of the year and decided that even though it is quite nice, I don't think it reflects me as well as it could. I have decided to change the branding, but kept the colour theme (as the aqua colour is my favourite).
I am going to produce a three fold piece that shows maybe 5 pieces of my work, and can include a small section of my CV. This is instead of the booklet I initially designed; this contains fewer pieces of work, but gives a good snippet/overview of what my work is about. This folded piece will also be easier to make.

This is the new logo/branding that I have design for myself - I wanted to use a sans serif typeface as I think that this is much more suitable style for me. The typeface has a hand written style and feels quite friendly.