Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Personal Pro-Mo Kit...

These were the pieces I showed at our studio workshop last week.
The final pieces consisted of :
1 cd format booklet that contained 9 pieces of work, 2 pages of CV information, 1 business card, with contact details shown on the back cover. My logo and name was shown on the front cover, a long with the title 'graphic designer'. The booklet was contained in a thin plastic pocket to protect it, and make it feel a little more professional.

1 envelope business card, containing 3 tiny postcards of work. My logo and title are printed on the front, with name and contact details on the back.

2 simple business cards - 1 printed on cartridge paper in my signature blue colour, and one printed on thick card, the logo on the front reversed out of the blue, and the contact details printed on the reverse